Browse the images below, this is a small section of parts we have worked on – from laser systems, building industry, through to the heat exchange and cooling industries. CNC Milling, Turning and Laser Marking.


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shiftersProp mount machined from solid.

Dymarch ltd large cnc milling casting3Dymarch ltd large cnc milling casting2Dymarch ltd large cnc milling casting1Central bearing housing for the heat exchanger and industrial radiator industry Aluminium plate for the electronics and communications industry - Anodised Aluminium mirror holder Laser System Part - AnodisedPrecision ground matched spindle spacersLaser System Part - Anodisedaluminium housing for the laser and electronics industry - AnodisedLarge BaseDSC00958DSC00904Large machined pistons for the mine industryDSC00953 DSC00954DSC009522013-03-29 17.47.452013-03-29 17.47.18CNC machined aluminium heat exchanger headers dymarch cnc heat exchanger header1Hydraulic pump body on a Hurco with Nikken 4th axis. Construction industryLaser System Electronics Part - AnodisedEndcap Laser System Part - AnodisedLaser System Part - AnodisedCommunications Industry Fibre Optic Part - Anodised